A town has reason to celebrate!

Anniversaries in Quedlinburg

A city has reason to celebrate

The year 2019 is our festival year, many anniversaries are coming up. 1.100 years ago the imperial insignia were offered to the Saxon duke Heinrich. He became the first king and Quedlinburg was one of the most important palatinates and a centre of imperial politics. 1994 UNESCO declared the castle hill including the collegiate church St. Servatii and the historic town centre of Quedlinburg to be world heritage. This important jubilee is celebrating our town as one of the largest heritage areas in Germany. Furthermore we are celebrating the peaceful revolution 30 years ago, when the people of the former GDR claimed a sociopolitical change and demonstrated nonviolently.

Kaiser spring in Quedlinburg
Celebration on the market place of the world heritage city Quedlinburg

Saxony-Anhalt Day

2019 in front of an impressive historical backdro

The Saxony-Anhalt Day was founded in 1996 by the state government and has since established itself as a fixture in the event calendar of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The state festival is one of the largest celebrations in Saxony-Anhalt and is considered a showcase of the regions. Saxony-Anhalt presents its citizens with a varied program on three days. The 22nd Saxony-Anhalt Day will take place in the World Heritage City of Quedlinburg from May 31 to June 2, 2019.

Special Exhibition

About the life and work of Heinrich I

A historical event of great European importance, when the Duke of Saxony Heinrich was elevated to become the first king, will be brought to life with two impressive special exhibitions on the Schlossberg in Quedlinburg in 2019. Who was this Heinrich? What makes this personality still so significant today? Why is he so closely linked with Quedlinburg? The museum on the Schlossberg shows the special exhibition „919 – plötzlich König – Heinrich I in Quedlinburg“ ("919 – Suddenly King - Heinrich I in Quedlinburg”) and answers those questions by offering a multi-faceted and interactive display. The special exhibitions welcome interested guests from May 19, 2019 until February 2, February 2020.

Special Exhibition 2019

Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in Saxony-Anhalt! Quedlinburg is worth a visit. The city has a lot to offer its visitors, not only in the important year of 2019.

Prime Minister Dr. Reiner Haseloff

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